Nameless Worshipers Meet Up

Nameless Worshipers Meet Up

Only 1 day left for the show in Stockholm and 2 days for Gothenburg’s, where Ghost will perform for the last time, supporting their album Infestissumam (2013).

Of course, our Clergy couldn’t miss those two shows and, as devoted fans, will be present in both shows to support the band (and maybe say farewell to our beloved father and master, Papa Emeritus II).

So, we are planning a meet up with you, children. The only thing you have to do is to search for a ginger female, most likely to be accompanied by two friends, one blonde and one blue haired… They will be carrying a flag as well. Hopefully we’ll be sitting just in front of the stages, at the front row.

In Stockholm we will be a bit late, only about 2, at its best 2,5, (about 18:00) hours before the show but in Gothenburg we’ll be there, (about 13:00) 7 hours before!

Come come, children. Come out wherever you are and say hi to us, chat with us and enjoy the rituals ALL TOGETHER. TOGETHER AS ONE!

Nameless Servant “M” from behalf of the Clergy.

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