Ghost Facebook status 9/28/14

Children of The World!

During the last eighteen months, since the release of “Infestissumam”, we have been touring almost non-stop and it has been a phenomenal ride… 194 shows throughout 34 countries:

Argentina (2 shows)
Australia (12 shows)
Austria (3 shows)
Belgium (2 shows)
Brazil (5 shows)
Bulgaria (1 show)
Canada (8 shows)
Chile (2 shows)
Colombia (1 show)
Czech Republic (1 show)
Denmark (3 shows)
England (13 shows)
Finland (5 shows)
France (5 shows)
Germany (10 shows)
Greece (1 show)
Italy (5 shows)
Japan (2 shows)
Luxembourg (1 show)
Mexico (4 shows)
The Netherlands (4 shows)
New Zealand (1 show)
Norway (7 shows)
Paraguay (1 show)
Peru (1 show)
Poland (3 shows)
Scotland (2 shows)
Serbia (1 show)
Spain (2 shows)
Sweden (14 shows)
Switzerland (2 shows)
Turkey (1 show)
USA (67 shows)
Wales (1 show)

We wish to thank all of OUR FANS who have supported us and helped us to achieve all this.
Thank you!

We also want to thank our lovely and hard working CREW that have busted their asses and broken their backs in order for us to look and sound as good as possible each night:
George, Doof, Hutch, Vinny, Skippy, Greg, Bradley, Graeme, Martin, Cymon and Calvin. And Billy Vanilla.
Thank you!

Also hats of to THE OTHER BANDS (and their crews) that have taken us on some of these tours:
Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Mastodon and Slayer – We’ll never forget that.
Thank you all!

To those bands whom we’ve had the pleasure to bring with us on tour:
Ides Of Gemini, King Dude, Dead Soul, Night, The Oath, Skeletonwitch…
Thank you all and good luck!

And for all our fans in those countries WE HAVE NOT PLAYED:
Please try to understand that we are not avoiding you. Sometimes it simply doesn’t work out and it doesn’t mean that we’ll never come to you.. We intend to reach all of you next time around.

So, with that we say…

Thank you and hope see you all in 2015!

/A Nameless Ghoul
on behalf of GHOST

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