Metal Injection: GHOST Is In The Process Of Writing A New Record For 2015!

Ghost have their fans and they have their detractors. If you happen to be a fan, you will be very excited to know they’ve got a new record coming out! The band posted this to their social media earlier this week:

“Children of the World!

We hope that you are enjoying the end…of the year. We would just like to tell you all that we are currently crafting a new album to be released next year and we can’t wait to shed some light on the details about it.

Until then though – Happy Holidays!

/A Nameless Ghoul“

Can we fast forward to the part where they tell us all about the new record? At least we’ll know when it’s just about done or they’re ready to start talking about it, because that’s usually when they roll out the new costumes, elect a new Pope and unveil a new jam live.

Bring forth the new age of the reign of Ghost’s holy terror!

Source via Metal Injection

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