Metal Injection: GHOST Promise “Darker” New Album, Reveal Papa Emeritus III Will Be Crowned by June

The PRP Papa II

The last time posted about Ghost was in December when we said Ghost is writing a new record and it’s going to have more guitars and less vocals. Nearly five months later and we’ve got some legitimate news! A lot of legitimate news, to be honest.

According to the Children of Ghost fan site, an upcoming interview with Sweden Rock Magazine a band representative reveals a little more information about the new record. The first single will be out before their appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 3rd, and they hope to play one or two songs live at their festival dates this summer.

The four new song names revealed in the article were:
“Devil’s Church”
“He Is” (listed as a demo song from 2007)

Ghost also described the music as having a “darker, industrial post-apocalyptic theme with more guitar.”

Finally, as was expected, the band promise to reveal a Papa Emeritus III before summer touring begins, and promise that this guy is a dancer.

It’s interesting that the group is using a song written before the debut album, so maybe it’s safe to assume this is going to be a little more Opus Eponymous and a little less Infestissumam. I am curious as to how Ghost is going to look this time around. It doesn’t seem like we’re going to have to wait much longer to find out.

Here’s the cover of the Sweden Rock mag which hits shelves next week.

blabbermouth - ghostswedenrock2015

Source via Metal Injection



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