Was HardDriveRadio.com Trolling Us?

GhostFBPost511143 days ago (May 8) we posted a quote from HardDriveRadio.com claiming they had information about Ghost’s upcoming album. Today Ghost posted a Facebook status that says “Children of the world! We are apparently releasing an album soon. Can anyone please give us the title and the release date? Thank you. /A Nameless Ghoul”. Obviously this is regarding rumors that HardDriveRadio.com posted on their website about the album name & release date.

Here’s the original quote that was posted on HardDriveRadio.com

Well, in other news today: Yesterday I heard the forthcoming new single from Ghost B.C. called “Cirice” from their new album, Meliora. Produced by Klas Ahlund, whose producing/writing credits include Madonna, Katy Perry, Swedish House Mafia, and mixed by Andy Wallace, the album will be released August 21. The album title is Latin for “better” and “Cirice” refers to church. As you know, the band’s identites are never revealed. Their frontman, soon to be a new Papa Emeritus (now III), dresses like a pope and the “Namesless Ghouls” round out the musicians. I am surprised at the news of the replacement of Papa Emeritus II. I must get the low down on that. I did hear from a source close to the band this new album “kicks ass.” Is the world ready for a new Ghost B.C.? I do know the band will be in NYC the same time Pope Francis is here this September, which is also when their tour will kick off. Rumor has it that a few years back, our pal Dave Grohl (who produced an EP of cover songs for the band called If You Have Ghost) perforned with the band as a Nameless Ghoul. That darn Dave, he wants to hold the record for performing with as many bands as possible I think!

We went back to HardDriveRadio.com to see if anything changed but noticed they removed their entire Ghost article from their original post.

Here’s their original tweet about their Ghost article

HDR May 8 Tweet

We’ve reached out to HardDriveRadio.com & this was their reply

HDR Tweet ReplySo was HardDriveRadio.com trolling us? Was any of their information credible? Or were they force to remove their original post by Ghost? Let us know what you think!

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