Ghost France Interviews Ghost

Ghost France had the chance to interview Ghost in Paris while promoting their new album “Meliora”. You can read the full interview below!

Two Nameless Ghouls Ghost were visiting Paris this Thursday, June 25, 2015, to give a press conference in a showroom kept secret.

Ghost France was present, and was able to speak with Omega, to talk about the new album, the new artistic director of the group and their plans for the 2015 tour.

Here are the contents of the interview:

I listened to the new album, it’s great, but both very different from the previous two. Why this new direction?
This time we wanted an album such as this one. We wanted to listen and create music of this style. We operate like that.We wanted more present guitars, we like ca. By taking our guitars, the riffs come alone. He then had to make arrangements different songs, which takes time because it’s not because you have the ingredients, you necessarily have a song. The new album is that we wanted to create.

Papa III was unveiled. What will he bring back to the group?
Not much, apart from its new look. Maybe he sings a little better, I do not know … But overall the group is a little different on stage. Papa III has more outfits than the previous singer.

Fans were surprised by the new outfits of Ghouls. Can you explain this change?
Of course with pleasure! Our first black outfits looked like togas, faceless. Then we switched to black Venetian masks, because we wanted to have this mystery. This time we wanted to project ourselves in New York in the glitz and art-deco style of the 25, on the floor 66 of a hotel, where is held a secret meeting with the most dangerous bosses of banks New York. Of course, impeccable dress code and wearing a hood that does not work, it’s more scary than anything. What is smart is to look like a statue, that’s why we masks who representest metal statues busts, like in the art-deco, with hair and a hard face. That’s what we wanted.

Your new masks look more like a satanic incarnation.
You’re supposed to be chic is a satanic meeting in this imaginary hotel. Naturally masks represent a face, but they have no mouth, so no expression. If there was a scary mouth, it would be a fun thing for the kids, and it’s not what we wanted.

You just play in France in August, at the Rock en Seine festival. This is not a metal festival yet. Is it a challenge for you?
No, this is not the first time we play in a more diverse festival. We love playing in metal festivals, because even if the public does not like you, they understand what you try to do, or understand our influences. In a normal festival, it is more difficult because you must be able to convince people who, perhaps, have no idea what you’re doing. Why do they wear masks? What is singing? For me it’s like going to a party where you know no one, and try to make friends with as many people as possible. [..]. It’s really a question of identity, but I like playing in the two types of festivals, for lots of different reasons.

You begin a US tour before Europe. Why not have done the opposite?
Actually I do not know, there is certainly a reason that I do not know yet, but I think we will do a headlining tour this fall.I do not know exactly where they begin or where we go, but we will play here in France. We have never given a concert headlining here in Paris, but we will make sure to do this time, not only in Paris but also in other cities.

The fans really want to see you here as a headliner, other than festival.
Yes, of course, I totally understand. We will come, although I still do not know exactly when.

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