Ghost Is #4 In OCWeekly’s 10 Best Metal Releases of Summer 2015

4. Ghost

Meliora (August 21st)

Much has been made of this band’s theatrical image, led in videos, photos, and live performances by Satanic cardinal Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls draped in hooded robes. In all honesty though, this band would not have people caring up to the point of a third album if the songs weren’t as great as they are. The melodic croons delivered by Papa Emeritus are as sinister as those delivered by any death metal growler. The band’s songwriting on Meliora is not as catchy as it was on their first two records. The lack of Blue Oyster Cult-style nod-ability though is replaced by the group’s heaviest – and proggiest – compositions to date. A heavier emphasis on keyboards makes almost every song a suitable soundtrack for ’70s European horror flicks, with tracks like “Absolution” and “Mummy Dust” wielding organs and synths that sound more haunting than nerdy. A massive-sounding production makes every key pound and guitar riff reign down hard.

{Source via OCWeekly}

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