Ghost Talk Taking On The Music Industry Via Satanism


Ghost aren’t fucking around.

Despite the fact that they are indeed another metal band dressed up in costumes and masks in an attempt to create larger than life stage personas and characters, they don’t approach their career with the same tongue in cheek, nudge, nudge, wink, wink attitude of bands like KISS or GWAR.

They keep their real names and faces a tightly guarded secret because it builds tension, drama and intrigue. This isn’t a gimmick – this is theatre.

And when it comes to discussing their music, the music industry and the state of heavy metal and rock today, they are (pardon the pun) deadly serious.

I found that out 10 seconds into my interview with the Swedish band’s spokesperson, A Nameless Ghoul, when I tried to open with a playful question about whether or not he was in some way possessed by the band’s enigmatic leader, Papa Emeritus III, or if he was simply a figurehead. The bone dry tone of his response was enough for me to toss out half my questions, most of which were varying gags about Satanism, the occult, and a pitch to co-write a musical called Anti-Christ Superstar.

Instead we discussed the writing and editing process for the band’s brilliant new album Meliora, the misconception that artists don’t need record labels to achieve success in the modern music industry, and his total and utter contempt for the popularity of metalcore.

He really fucking hates metalcore.

Music Feeds: I’ve never spoken to a ‘Nameless Ghoul’ before. How does this work exactly? Do you speak for Papa Emeritus III or does he speak through you as some sort of possessed vessel?

Nameless Ghoul: Basically Papa doesn’t give interviews. He’s not the kind of guy that sits on the phone chatting about Italian prog, he doesn’t – well Italian prog he might talk about – but general interview conduct is not really his style. He doesn’t really socialise with us anyway. I am the guitar player and instigator and write almost all the music. So, I speak on behalf of the band.

MF: Meliora literally means “better” in Latin. Would you say that this album is better than anything you’ve done as Ghost before?

NG: I think so, yeah. Any band with some sort of meaning or purpose or self-respect obviously enters the studio in order to make their best record ever, so it’s natural that you should feel like that.

But I definitely feel that this new album – we were really pushed towards becoming a better band and I think that some of the oddities and, I hate to say short comings, but you can always fine tune your craft and there was definitely a few things in the past that I can sort of look back on and think that might not be perfectly executed.

And in this one, obviously I was in the recording so I know a few things about this record that isn’t, like, perfect the way I wanted it, but I definitely think we took a big leap towards becoming a better band.

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