A Track-By-Track Review of GHOST’s Meliora


The cover art of Meliora implies a grand-scale effort on the part of Ghost. From the non-descript hillside church of Opus Eponymous to the dawning of a new age adorningInfestissumam, things have progressed yet again. What we see is a kingdom so faithful in the message of Papa Emeritus III that the landscape literally resembles his face. Considering the music’s progression between the two earlier records and their increasingly epic covers, Meliora‘s artwork should logically represent its corresponding sound.

Except artwork that would truly convey the monolithic size of Meliora‘s music wouldn’t be at home on the front of this album. Instead, we’d take road trips to see it in a museum and wonder how a piece so fantastic was accomplished.  So what makesMeliora deserving of such a proverbial masterwork?

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