Loudwire.com: A Nameless Ghoul From Ghost on ‘Meliora,’ Capturing Religiosity + Possible Classical Album

From Loudwire.com

We recently caught up with one of the nameless ghouls of Ghost. Having heard the entirety of the band’s third studio album, Meliora, we certainly had a lot of questions about the new book of psalms from our favorite Swedish Satanists.

We’ve already shared our chats with the nameless ghoul about Ghost no longer having to use ‘B.C.’ in their name and the masked figure pondering about a potential identity reveal in the future. Now, we give you the rest of our exclusive interview where the ghoul gets deep into Meliora, how Ghost uses organized religion’s tactics within the band’s own music, the possibility of a classical-based album and more!

Read the full article over at Loudwire.com

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