‘Meliora’ Reviews From Various Websites

From Allmusic.com:

Meliora, the third long-player by Sweden’s Ghost, looks back at what made their 2011 debut, Opus Eponymous, so special: Beautifully written, hook-laden, hard rock songs with clean (and even serene) singing. Produced by pop-heavy hitter Klas Åhlund (Usher, Katy Perry, Madonna) and mixed byAndy Wallace (Slayer, Rob Zombie, Sepultura), Meliora is a calculated step into accessibility, and offers a clear window into the band’s collective career ambitions.

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From Metalsamsara.blogspot.com:

Este é o terceiro disco deles, aquele que, em geral, é onde a banda consolida seu estilo. E de fato, “Meliora” nos surpreende mais uma vez, pois tem o peso e intensidade de “Opus Eponymous” de 2010 (mas sem soar tão cru), mais o refinamento e elegância de “Infestissuman” de 2013 (apenas não sendo tão acessível, musicalmente falando), e uma bela evoluída em muitos quesitos. O instrumental deu uma diversificada muito boa, mas sendo mais pesado em termos de arranjos (especialmente nas guitarras), além dos teclados estarem fazendo um trabalho muito melhor que antes. E aquela aura intensa, melodiosa e sinistra da banda está intacta, mas mais evidente.

Translates roughly to:

This is the third one drive, one that, in general, is where the band consolidates his style. And indeed, “Meliora” surprises us once again, it has the weight and intensity of “Opus Eponymous” 2010 (but without sound so raw), plus the refinement and elegance of “Infestissuman” 2013 (only not as affordable, musically speaking), and a beautiful evolved in many questions. The instrument has a diverse very good, but being heavier in terms of arrangements (especially the guitars), and keyboards are doing a much better job than before. And that intense aura, melodious and sinister band is intact, but more evident.

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From Toxiconline.co.uk:

Before even listening to Meliora, Ghost‘s third studio effort, it is blatantly obvious that the band are a considerably slicker proposition than their 2010 incarnation. Armed with a new vocalist (Or more likely a new moniker for their existing singer) and a costume redesign that makes the group look more disturbing than ever, they continue to pedal their new-age occult rock, though this time with a little more polish.

You can read the full review at Toxiconline.co.uk


From Uberrock.co.uk:

It’s probably fair to say that Sweden’s Ghost are a bit of a ‘Marmite’ band – some people, myself included, just love them, but plenty just don’t get them. For all the satanic subject matter, inverted crosses and sinister theatrics, there is an extremely clever melodic rock band behind the façade. Ghost’s first album, ‘Opus Eponymous’, was an instant classic. The 2013 follow up ‘Infestissumam’ split opinion a little more as its more keyboard oriented approach lurched the band into the realms of prog and electronic pop in places, which didn’t please everyone. I thought it was genius. So with Papa Emeritus III having been unveiled a short time ago, where is he going to lead his now metallic masked nameless ghouls this time around with third album ‘Meliora’?

You can read the full review at Uberrock.co.uk


From Masdecibelios.es:

Meliora es el nuevo disco de Ghost, la misteriosa banda sueca que mezcla rock setentero con doom metal, entre otros estilos. Por si sus particulares pintas no fueran reclamo suficiente, el bueno de Dave Grohl, que ha manifestado su amor incondicional y su posible pertenencia a la formación, se ha asegurado de que el grupo reciba una promoción mediática enorme y, por lo tanto, este tercer álbum llega con unas expectativas muy altas.

Translate roughly to:

Meliora is the new album Ghost , the mysterious Swedish band that mixes rock with doom metal seventies, among other styles. If their particular pints were not enough demand, good old Dave Grohl, who has expressed his unconditional love and it belongs to the formation, has ensured that the group receives a huge media promotion and therefore, this third album comes with very high expectations.

You can read the full review at Masdecibelios.es


From Burnyourears.de:

GHOST. Selten hat eine Band die Musiklandschaft der letzten Jahre so extrem in zwei Lager gespalten. Die einen vergöttern die Band als die Heiligen des okkulten bösen Retro-Metals, die anderen hassen sie und sehen sie als klanglosen Abklatsch vergangener Rocktage. Das ist den sechs geheimnisvollen Musikern aber offenbar egal – sie gehen weiter unbeirrt ihren Weg.

Translate roughly to:

GHOST. Rarely has a band has split the music scene in recent years, so extreme in two camps. Some adore the band as the saints of occult evil retro Metals, others hate them and see them as a soundless imitation of past rock days. This is the six mysterious musicians but apparently do not care – they go on undeterred their way.

You can read the full review at Burnyourears.de


From Powerofmetal.dk:

I’ve always been a bit hesistant in terms of excitement when bands feel an urge to dress up and hide behind masks. Do they really need to dress up to get attention? Is their music not strong enough in itself? In the case of e.g. Gwar, that hasn’t always been the case (although their show is hilarious). KISS is also a good example of a band who for the most part sounded terrible, but got there because of their image. With the dark minstrel of Ghost, it is different. They’re really onto something.

You can read the full review at Powerofmetal.dk


From Northerntransmissions.com:

The Swedish doom sextet are better known state-side for their controversy than for their albums—all of which, in their own right, are phenomenal and introspective records filled with just enough bite to lure in heavy metal fans while being just Swedish enough to appeal to music nerds outside of the metal field. The band, anonymous musicians who play in satanic masks, robes, and in the case of their singer Papa Emeritus, a demonic “anti-Pope” outfit, are heavily influenced by a love of horror films and the traditions of Scandinavian metal. Instead of an aggressive vocalist to match the heavy lyrical content, Ghost’s Emeritus has a great vocal register and sings in English, rather than Swedish.

You can read the full review at Northerntransmissions.com


From Metaladdicts.com:

They’ve released an early stream of their upcoming third release,“Meliora”, and normally I would wait until the official release, but to hell with it, why not?! And goddamn was I not disappointed after being gorilla glued to my seat after hearing “Meliora”! It’s fucking great!

You can read the full review at Metaladdicts.com


From Musikuniverse.mu:

J’avais très hâte d’entendre le 3e album studio de la formationGhost! Depuis l’album Opus Eponymous paru en 2009, les membres du groupe ne cessent de me surprendre soit par leur son, leur look, leurs idées promotionnelles associées aux t-shirts, leurs affiches ou même leurs pochettes de singles. Il ne faut pas oublier aussi le changement de Pape à chaque album et j’en passe. Ghost est plus qu’un simple groupe qui offre que de la musique à ses fans. Le groupe est une expérience en soit.

Translates roughly to:

I could not wait to hear the 3rd studio album training Ghost!Since the album Opus Eponymous published in 2009, the band members never cease to amaze me either by their sound, their look, their promotional ideas associated with t-shirts, posters or even their singles from their pockets. We must not also forget the Pope change each album and so on.Ghost is more than a group that offers as music to his fans.The group is an experience in itself.

You can read the full review at Musikuniverse.mu


From Ramzine.co.uk:

Back now with Meliora and their third Papa Emiretus, Ghost will be looking to re-establish themselves as one of the most interesting bands in the scene. Which to a certain extent they do. Never a heavy metal band, Meliora feels even further from that genre than their earlier releases. In fact, on tracks like ‘He Is’they have more in common with Pink Floyd than they do Slayer. It helps then that these guys have a wonderful ear for a melody and on songs like ‘Majesty’ they will wheedle their way into your head and refuse to budge.

You can read the full review at Ramzine.co.uk


From Zeppelinrockon.com:

Malvado y bello, delicado pero potente, simple pero tremendamente complejo. Así suena Meliora, el nuevo álbum de los suecos doom-metaleros Ghost.

Translates roughly to:

Evil and beautiful, delicate yet powerful, simple but extremely complex. That sounds Meliora , the new album from Swedish doom-metallers Ghost .

You can read the full review at Zeppelinrockon.com


From Classicrock.teamrock.com:

You can’t blame people for being drawn to this theatrical mystery – increasingly rare in our confessional, share-all culture. ‘Who are Ghost?’ ‘Are they really Swedish?’ ‘Who is Papa Emeritus III?’ ‘And what happened to the other Papas? Did they DIE??’ Ok ok, hold the phone. Because ultimately just one question really matters: what’s the music like?

Happily, it’s really good. And there’s never been a better time to listen in. Meliora is the sextet’s strongest album to date; heavy enough to satisfy your metalhead side, whilst embracing sophisticated pop and retro doom qualities. All in one melodic, devilish breath.

You can read the full review at Classicrock.teamrock.com


From Westernherald.com:

The album as a whole is a fantastic listen. The production is tight and balanced beautifully. The instrumentals are beautiful and display great bond throughout the album. Papa Emeritus III’s vocals are hypnotic and draw the listener into their world the moment he opens his mouth.

You can read the full review at Westernherald.com


From Ultimate-Guitar.com:

Leading off from “Infestissumam,” “Meliora” feels quite different from the roiling and darker feel of that album. Whereas “Infestissumam” had more of a stripped down metal side to it, “Meliora” moves in the progressive side of things more than ever. Immediately from track one, the organ fueled intro-to-double-kick-drum swing draws us into a growing search for the “Spirit” (ahah), one which leads us from euphoric chorus through to a beautifully crafted guitar harmony, ending on a choral high note. And then it turns it around and starts getting down and dirty with “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” a song that has one of the strongest set of riffs you’ll likely hear this year.

You can read the full review at Ultimate-Guitar.com


From Crypticrock.com:

The clergy has appointed a new Pope. The Nameless Ghouls of Sweden’s Heavy Metal outfit Ghost, along with Papa Emeritus III, have crafted a new psalm of evil that is sure to have an avid fan beating down the doors of their local record shop for their third offering, entitled Meliora. Meliora, Latin for “Better,” is a no doubt a fitting title for the record which could be their best to date.

You can read the full review at Crypticrock.com

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