Pittsburgh Music Magazine Reviews ‘Black To The Future’ Tour

From Pittsburgh Music Magazine:

As the packed to capacity crowd shouted “Papa, Papa” and the Latin chant music (“Miserere mei, Deus”) played in ominous tones and then into “Masked Ball” by Jocelyn Pook (maybe the creepiest song known to man) the Nameless Ghouls appeared one by one. The Ghoul who plays the white guitar and most of the leads cranked into “Spirit” and then suddenly he appeared, Papa Emeritus III. The youngest version of Papa, with less prosthetic makeup, is no less creepier and has the same enigmatic presence. The band will give you chills at how talented they are at putting on a show while remaining true to being musicians. Progressing into new single, “From The Pinnacle To The Pit” Papa and his Ghouls played what may be their strongest material, and that includes all of Meliora. Heavier, bolder, more tongue in cheek, the new album should put aside any doubts that the band could not get out of their “schtick” and progress any further.

You can read the full review at pittsburghmusicmagazine.com

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