Reviews ‘Meliora’ Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

From Blunt Magazine:

When you see this set, you immediately get a sense of the level of care Ghost have put into the visual side of their project. This awesome piece of kit comes in a sturdy black box with a debossed inverted cross in the centre. Its highly stylised, dystopian-like design and silver-gloss finish make for a striking display piece that’s emphasised by the black background, which is surprisingly resistant to smudges.

Inside the box is a large, sturdy matte poster of Papa Emeritus III proudly surrounded by his Nameless Ghouls; three glossy photographs of the band in a black envelope bearing a religious insignia; a 16-page art boo; one copy of the album on black 180 gram vinyl; and a bonus track titled “Zenith” pressed on a separate 10-inch single. Meliora’s cover was just begging to be seen on a scale larger than CD, and the vinyl release reveals so many more intricacies that you’re not going to find on any other version. Put simply, it’s beautiful – chaotic and a little horrifying, but beautiful.

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