Metal Invader Interview Ghost

From Metal Invader:

It seems impossible to manage to talk about everything you want with one of the biggest acts of the rock / metal scene nowadays, in just 30 minutes. A voluble nameless Ghoul (or is it Papa Emeritus… ?) is being “interrogated” on the other side of the phone by Liliana Tseka and Giorgos Nimas.

Let’s start with “Meliora” album. It seems to be the most well received by fans and the press Ghost album. Did the feedback exceed all expectations?

I guess so yeah! I mean you can always have a good feeling before hand and, while it’s working usually, that good feeling is watered out every other day with the feeling of complete failure. I would like to say that we just fuckin rule, but there is always an element in what you just think that we might not rule and with that in mind we are obviously very happy with the outcome of the record. So, for now we pound our chest everyday saying that we rule!

You can read the full interview over at

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