Chilean Radio Station Futuro 88.9 FM Interviews Ghost

Futuro-88.9 interviews Ghost

The questions on are in Spanish so we translated them to English via Google translate. You can hear the full interview below.

  1. Greetings, “His Holiness”. How about this new visit to Chile?
  2. Continues to draw attention to the presence of a group like Ghost at a festival like Lollapalooza. For some it is rare. Is it for you?
  3. But is it a good time, too.
  4. Would somehow is a privilege the ability to move between metalheads festivals and more pop?
  5. Speaking of business, come to win the Grammy for Best Metal Performance for their single “Cirice”. What things change after that? To what extent do they care? Is it like a turning point in your career?
  6. His present is “Meliora”. How have you felt the answer to the disk and this stage?
  7. Have you noticed that the audience is different, too? Apart from being larger, more heterogeneous is.
  8. And how do they learn?
  9. “Meliora” shows a new sound. Different, for example, to the first disk. How do you see this evolution, you feel so different?
  10. All this fairy costumes, masks, painting, the mystery of identities, has given a special seal. Have you ever draw that?
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