Pre-Order Ghost Papastrello Plus U.S. Shipping Info

You can now pre-order Ghost Papastrello from U.K. based Not only that but they also ship to the U.S. So if you ever missed out on Ghost Grale or want Ghost Papastrello here’s your chance! Check out their “Contact Us” page to see if they ship to your state.

Here’s the email we received from Icon Beverages regarding U.S. customers:

Thanks for your recent inquiry from Icon Beverages in the UK. We planned to provide a quote to all who emailed but a few hundred emails later and we’d still be working through them so we are pleased to announce that we’ve updated the shop today to allow you to browse our shop in $US (approx. $1.45 to £1GBP currently), obtain your own quotes and place an order. In the UK, prices are given including tax and when you change to dollars these taxes are included until you select your country on the checkout. However, when you check out and fill in all of the fields including your country the tax will be removed(see below example where the total excluding and including tax is the same).

We’re not going to lie. It’s not cheap to import Ghost beer to the U.S. but if you ever wanted to try Ghost Grale but couldn’t well here’s your opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Order Ghost Grale or Ghost Papastrello here!

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