Interviews Ghost. What’s Next For The Band? (With English Translation)

The original Swedish interview can be read here. Translation provided by Google translate.

LINKOPING A Grammy, a Swedish Grammy and intense touring. 2016 was successful for the Ghost. At home in Linkoping, we meet one of the hard rock band ghouls to talk about humor, God, the next album – and the trip back to the Middle Ages.


When the American record industry voted “Cirice” as Grammy Winner in the category for best metal song and joined in the Ghost to a small and exclusive group of Swedish artists. The price is the music equivalent of the film’s Oscar.


NG: It was a great feeling, of course. Getting a Grammy is like being knighted. You become legitimate. Overnight we became suddenly interesting for the players in the music industry that is not looked in our direction before, says. . . well, a gas.


More personal than that he does not want to be. To show his face on the image, or appear with his name is out of the question.


Ghost consists of a group of “nameless ghouls”, about unnamed ghouls, where everyone hides their identities behind masks and makeup. At the front stands devil Pope himself, Papa Emeritus III. He is the third in a row since 2010. The group’s debut album or group, when the album was recorded, it was mostly about a “project”, according to the guest before me.


NG: A band we were when it was time to play the songs live.


He calls himself the “instigator” Ghost writes the majority of the songs and live constantly with everything around the band.


NG: If I could just talk to me, so consume Ghost almost all my thought. Some’re very unsexy, like writing on paper or change banks. I manage over 20 people and do everything as a self-employed with three companies do.


How many members have passed through the group since its inception?


NG: About ten.


Ghost is presented as a satanic sect, with the aim to conquer the world with rock music. But the black is also humor. The international tour in 2015 called “Black to the Future”, and the group’s latest EP, which came in mid-September, is called “Popestar”. Papa Emeritus III is also something of a comedian, and sits happily on the edge of the stage to tell the audience about the birds and the bees.


NG: Everything is a result of experience. They really nostalgic of our fans’d think it was better before, when it was not so fun. The problem is that if we continue along the same lines as in the beginning, so we might not have done it for so many years. You have to evolve with the format. An artist’s relationship to its audience is just like any relationship whatsoever. It must take into account, says the guest.


Less playful’ve Papa Emeritus III been in America’s next president. Donald Trump was dismissed steadily as a son of a bitch, “a fucking bastard,” when performed in the US last fall.


NG: Some evenings did not work out so well, then the reaction was mostly a quiet murmur. One should remember that the US is not as black and white as we like to think. All who eat vegetarian and like Hillary Clinton is not smart, all that is with rifles and vote for Trump is not stupid. It’s very korspollinerat.


Do you believe in god?


NG: My children have started to ask me about that, how it is, but it is difficult. Intellectually, I think the probability is fairly low because there is a figure somewhere that bosses everywhere. But I like to think that there is any form of power, balance or invisible realm can be agreed with. I do not think that, in the name of atheism, the mock religions that make it difficult for us. It is not wrong to have a belief. The sad thing is when it used to be bloody awful and disgusting to others. Most religions we nag about today’s invented by humans to control other people. I think George Lucas is closest to the truth, and that, just as in the “Star Wars”, is a force that we can not explain.


How do you see Satan?


NG: It is not so simple that Satan is evil and God is good, that Satanism is evil and Christianity well. There is very little documented satanic activities have been evil. Evidence of the good religions hurts the other hand, endless. Satanic paraphernalia, ie symbols that inverted crosses and pentagrams, is really more associated with intellectualism, humanism and forward thinking. Satanism is a very modern phenomenon, very popkulturell and connected to the things we like to gotta us in that horror movie.


One of his goals with the Ghost is to recreate the charge throughout history been connected with the church.


NG: I am inspired by the Church, of ritual, of smells, of history. Especially when you come from a city Linköping. Our cathedral is so old that it was a Catholic from the beginning. It is not difficult to imagine how riffraffet, who lived in their wooden huts here on the plain, felt when you got in there and got the verdict thrown in her face. It must have been a huge anxiety. For an imaginative person like me it is easy to hear the whispers of the church walls. I am very interested to restore with Ghost.


Do you want a back way to show everything that can exist in a religion?


NG: In some ways. The essence of what we do is that we want to make people feel better, not worse.


And all the dark, the symbols that signal the evil, they are there for the sake of mysticism?


NG: I think so. The darkness is more titillating, it makes me feel the most. But where I’m probably not very original. It is probably no coincidence that a musical “The Phantom of the Opera” played so long in New York and London, or the story of Dracula has become an “evergreen”. Personally, I think we are closer to “The Phantom of the Opera” than we do AC / DC, for example.


The end of March brings the Ghost on the European part of its ongoing Popestar tour. A single gig in Sweden, at Hovet in Stockholm is planned. Last group played at home in Linköping was in June 2015. “Meliora”, the third album, was going on and before it shifted to the Pope and launched a new “era” at a packed gig at the club Doom. From the organizer hold is a strong desire for the band to do the maneuver for the next disc. One snag is the lack of concert venues with the right conditions.


NG: It is very difficult to find premises that suit in Linkoping, especially people like offering the kind of visual possibilities that we need. There’s almost no. Now we also reside in a size that allows the gig risk cannibalizing each other. Linköping is a little too close to Stockholm, says the guest.


About 70 gigs in Europe, South America and the United States are planned for 2017. In between, it is also thought that the next album to be recorded. According gasten given probably in the beginning of 2018th


NG: I really write all the time and have collected lots of ideas in mobiles and on scraps of paper. Now we start making demo recordings.


As a producer, he hopes to Klas Åhlund who they worked with on “Meliora”. Åhlund include known for collaborations with Robyn, Katy Perry and Madonna.


NG: Nothing is finished, but I hope Klas again. I appreciated the cooperation, and want to see if it can be even better. We are in negotiation taken right now, then I’m not as involved. It is most managers sitting and screaming at each other.


On the new disc, Ghost leave the 1920s-inspired and “Metropolis” -futuristiska surrounding “Meliora”.


NG: Next disc is absolutely not so. It will play out against a medieval background where torture and piety permeates life, where the threat of God and the devil is always alive. We were there on our first album, but had no opportunity to portray it fully. It feels great to go back to it.


Will the next pope more serious?


NG: We know who we should hire, hehe. We believe it anyway. It will be a different kind of pope, but not as people have imagined.


Footnote: “Metropolis” is a science fiction film by German Fritz Lang from in 1927.

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