Ghost Grale Lincopia IPA Available June 1st

Ghost venture further into darkness with new beer. Following the success of Grale, Ghost return with Lincopia; an IPA brewed at Nils Oscar Brewery in Sweden. When Ghost released their first beer; Grale, a scotch ale from Nils Oscar Brewery, it became an instant success. Receiving massive accolades on various social media; fans, music critics […]

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Pope Francis Introduced As New Singer Of Metal Band Ghost B.C.

The Onion is an entertainment website featuring satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news. Well that’s pretty much what The Tyranny of Tradition is, except with Metal & weirdness. They wrote an article about Ghost’s next singer which is sure to give you a good laugh. In an attempt to show the modern, more […]

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From Well, yesterday we got all excited that a new Ghost record titled Meliora was coming on Aug. 21 and that we’d get to hear a new song really soon, but apparently that isn’t the case! At least, that’s what the band is saying. According the group’s Facebook, the members of Ghost had no […]

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From Yesterday, word got out that Ghost would be releasing a new album at the end of this Summer. Which is great news! Unfortunately, though, someone apparently forgot to tell the band: Why, of course we can, Nameless Ghoul! Spreading intel is what we’re all about. The album is called Meloria, and it will […]

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Was Trolling Us?

3 days ago (May 8) we posted a quote from claiming they had information about Ghost’s upcoming album. Today Ghost posted a Facebook status that says “Children of the world! We are apparently releasing an album soon. Can anyone please give us the title and the release date? Thank you. /A Nameless Ghoul”. Obviously this is regarding […]

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From According to, Swedish occult rockers GHOST have set “Meliora” (Latin for “better”) as the title of their third album, due on August 21. The follow-up to 2013’s “Infestissumam” was helmed by Klas Åhlund, a prolific songwriter, producer and guitarist who is also a member of the Swedish rock band TEDDYBEARS, and was […]

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Album Release Date And New Tour Set To Start In September Well, in other news today: Yesterday I heard the forthcoming new single from Ghost B.C. called “Cirice” from their new album, Meliora. Produced by Klas Ahlund, whose producing/writing credits include Madonna, Katy Perry, Swedish House Mafia, and mixed by Andy Wallace, the album will be released August 21. The album title is Latin for […]

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Sweden Rock Magazine English Version For Mobile Devices

It appears there’s some difficulty reading the English version on mobile devices so we just decided to copy & paste the entire interview below. Enjoy! NOTE: This is only the attempt of an unofficial translation of A Nameless Ghoul’s words given to the Sweden Rock Magazine, published in april 2015. The translator did his very best, though claims not in […]

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