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It appears there’s some difficulty reading the English version on mobile devices so we just decided to copy & paste the entire interview below. Enjoy!

NOTE: This is only the attempt of an unofficial translation of A Nameless Ghoul’s words given to the Sweden Rock Magazine, published in april 2015. The translator did his very best, though claims not in the least any complete accuracy, neither literally nor figuratively. The purpose of this is solely and exclusively to delight the non-Swedish-speaking “Children of the world”

Sweden Rock Magazine #4 2015


In the pictures in this article the readers are confronted partly by Papa Emeritus II in a pope costume, partly by a Papa Emeritus II in a civilian dress in a home environment who moreover wears different wigs. This is certainly confusing for many of them. Explain how things are.

– It’s not more complicated than the fact that there is a Gene Simmons that you can watch in the tv-series “Family jewels” and another Gene Simmons that you can watch on stage, says a guitar playing Nameless Ghoul. Therefore it is the same person in the pictures. One of them is Papa II in an official, public perspective and the other one should be less public, but there are many people that have noticed his “stupidities”. And that’s funny, of course. It’s mostly hard for people to understand things. That’s what we have discovered and that’s actually what we’re playing with. That’s what the experiment results in. (more…)

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